Stonybrook Wiltshires

No shearing

No dagging

No crutching

No docking

No dipping

No fly strike

Our story

Stonybrook Wiltshires have been breeding high-quality Wiltshire sheep as a stud in the Waikato since 2015. The stud flock consists of over 100 pure-bred fully shedding Wiltshire ewes and all animals are SIL recorded.

We have a strong focus on breeding an easy-care and low input sheep with high lambing percentages, good survivability, and fast growth rates. This results in significant savings on labour and agrichemical costs.

Stonybrook Wiltshire Ewes and Lambs
Wiltshire ewe lambs

Why Wiltshire sheep?

Wiltshires have a number of traits that make them an easy care sheep:

  • Grow a short fleece that is naturally shed in spring and early summer each year
  • Hair on head, belly, legs, and around the tail
  • Bare skin under the tail
  • Good growth rates as energy is not wasted on wool production
  • Easy lambing so ideal for hogget mating
  • Highly fertile with twins being the norm
  • Good mothers
  • Naturally hardy
  • Produce a lean, heavily muscled carcase
  • Have a fine-grained and marbled meat with excellent taste and texture

Our breeding strategy

Wiltshire lambs

Low maintenance

We have been actively selecting for a low maintenance sheep with a short wool cover, early shedding, good feet, and high parasite tolerance which means our sheep do not require shearing, crutching, dagging, or docking. They also do not get fly strike and so do not need to be dipped.

Wiltshire ewe with lambs

Easy & effective lambing

Our Wiltshires are very fertile with twins being normal. We have a strong focus on selecting for lambing without intervention, good mothering instincts in the ewes, and survivability traits in the lambs.

Wiltshire ewe lamb

Parasite tolerance

We practice minimal drenching, with most lambs only drenched once or twice, and mature ewes and rams never. This means that animals with natural tolerance for these conditions are the ones that thrive in our system and are either kept as breeding ewes or sold on as our stud animals.

Wiltshire ram lamb

Fast growing & muscular

Lamb weaning weights are used to determine genetic lines with the best growth rates for improving our flock.

Wiltshire ewe lamb

Facial eczema tolerance

This is a trait that we are increasingly focussing on to ensure our ewes and rams have a high tolerance for facial eczema conditions around the country. Only tested stud rams are introduced to our flock.

Mature Wiltshire ewes

Data driven decisions

We collect the data we need to ensure we can make informed decisions and improve our animals year-on-year. All lambs are tagged at birth and registered with SIL, then records kept over their life to allow us to decide which lambs should be kept as replacements, and which should be sold on as stud rams.

Wiltshire sheep for sale

Wiltshire rams for sale

Two-tooth rams

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Wiltshire ram lambs for sale

Ram lambs

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Wiltshire ewe lambs for sale

Ewe lambs

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Mixed-age Wiltshire ewes for sale

Mixed age ewes

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Where are you located?

We are in Wharepuhunga, Waikato, New Zealand. Approximately 40 minutes from Te Awamutu and Otorohanga, just over 1 hour from Hamilton, Taupo and Rotorua, and 2.5 hours from Auckland.

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